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Examples of popular courses:

Travel the World

5 infamous beer styles from all over the world

Born in the USA

5 purely American styles

Digging Deeper into a Style

5 examples of one specific style of beer,

i.e. IPA or Stout

Sample some brews, with Beerkowski as your guide!

Want to learn more about beer?


Are you curious about beer history, style profiles, or how to properly "taste" a beer? 


I offer custom beer education courses, what I like to call "Beer School," formatted for informal gatherings. 


Your course is completely customizable to you and your party! 

Beer School pricing starts at $50 per person, with a minimum of 6 participants. 

I also work as a consultant for restaurants, taprooms and breweries. I can come teach about the beer styles YOU brew and/or serve to your customers! I can help create a food and beer pairing menu too! 

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