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Beer babe historian on a mission to ever-expand her beer repertoire.

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Brews with Beerkowski | Rachel Benkowski

passionate about beer.

I love beer. That's where all of this begins. But much like the history of beer, there is a complex and rich history that has led me to this point. My background includes many years studying history - specifically the archaeological record - and so I'm interested in what makes beer so important to society as a whole, and how it's helped shape us into what we are today.  I talk about beer history on podcasts, Instagram and YouTube, click here to check it out. 

I am a Certified Cicerone, which means I really, really nerd out about beer. 


I am the co-founder of a charitable organization in the USA and Canada that helps support women in the beer industry, called the Beer Babes Family. Visit our website here.

On a day to day basis, you can find me teaching Beer School, beerslinging, running events, and creating marketing content at Bone Haus Brewing in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Are you local to Phoenix? Click here to come to beer school at Bone Haus! I teach the second Tuesday of each month. I also do private Beer School events, as well as consultations in beer education for restaurants, taprooms and breweries. 

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beer, brews with beerkowski, rachel benkowski, beer school, consulting, consultation, beer education


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